Polite Reminder

We recognise that life has changed for us all over the last year and we have been required to adopt a different way of working.

We are doing our best to provide access to health care at a time when demand is significantly higher than before. We have worked continuously during the pandemic and have done so in addition to helping with the COVID vaccination programme based at a different site.

This has created considerable pressure at a time when staff are also struggling with their own personal challenges brought about by the pandemic including ill health and bereavement.

We have become aware that some of our staff have been subject to regular levels of verbal abuse and aggression from some patient and relatives. This is clearly not acceptable. Our staff have been directed by the partners of the practice to ask questions of patients regarding their health query in order to direct your request to the most appropriate person or service. We ask that you help our staff to do that and you do so in a courteous and respectful manner. Please consider the impact of your conversation on our staff members.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the majority of our patients who have been understanding and supportive and have adapted to the changes that have been needed to be made.