Test Results

Patients who are referred for tests, will be told by the clinician when to contact the surgery for a result. It is the patient’s responsibility to do this, in order to avoid any delay in starting treatment or taking further action.

Patients should visit our test results triage, telephone or call in at the surgery after 11:00 for test results. The reason for this is that staff are very busy with making appointments, and requests for home visits for the first part of every morning, and the viewing of test results requires using a different part of the computer system. We will only give results to the person who has had the test for confidentiality reasons.

Doctors will look at test results and indicate if they are within the normal range for that patient. In these cases, staff will be authorised to tell patients that ‘doctor has seen your results and made no comment’.

If the result is outside normal range, the doctor will mark the result ‘speak to doctor’, and the receptionist will arrange for you to speak to the doctor about the result. Receptionists are not qualified to give any interpretation of results, and in some cases may arrange for a nurse to speak to a patient, for instance to explain a cholesterol test result.

The doctor may mark the results ‘GP routine appointment’ in which case the receptionist will help you make an appointment.

In case you do not telephone the practice for your test results, we may sometimes send you a letter, asking you to make an appointment with your GP to discuss the test results.